10x Your Website Speed

Know How to 10x Your Website Speed

Search engines like Google take into account Website Speed as one of the signals used by its algorithm in search rankings. So you should take everything into consideration, as every millisecond counts. If your web page loading speed is slow you’ll likely be losing potential customers visiting your website.

It is observed that most of the visitors leave a site if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load. Slow-loading websites result in poor user experience and may directly affect your conversion rate. Therefore, Website Page Load Speed and Performance is the major factor for User Experience.

In this report, we will take a look at a couple of quick things commonly used for building any website. The very first point to be considered is Website Speed. Why Speed matter? The biggest reason is that it helps with SEO. SEO is another most important factor considered in the website ranking.

Good Search Engine Optimization means that Google likes fast websites and they’re more likely to send traffic to your website.


The Bottom Line

Optimizing your website speed is absolutely essential for all types of websites. User experience depends on Site speed and it is directly proportional to conversion rate. You should never neglect any of the issues that are slowing down your website.

This could be a challenging task, but it will have a significant positive impact on your overall site performance. We will not say that you need to implement all of them today. But we will recommend you keep monitoring your website load times over the period of time as they grow older and are getting a considerable amount of traffic to them. It can make a huge difference and when you consider the impact that even one second can have on your conversions and success, they’re really worth it!

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How To 10x Your Website Speed
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